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Ambulance chaser doesn't always mean lawyer

Unfortunately disasters strike when it is least convenient for people. There wouldn't we presume be a good time for a home fire or a massive water damage no matter the circumstances. When these awful events rob us of the safety and joy of our homes, there is no real comparison to the devastation we experience and the real trauma a family suffers. Many have described the severity of this kind of loss as comparable to the death of a loved one, or divorce.

Our home is where we feel safe, where we feel pride for what we have accomplished. When an unforeseen disaster abruptly shatters the confidence we have in our home and families safety, there is absolutely no place for a company or individual arriving uninvited and unannounced pretending as if someone sent them. We at Tersuli Construction consider this to be despicable, and done in a moment of pure trauma to a family; a predatory act.

Everyone has heard about or joked about the "Ambulance chasing" lawyer, but very few are aware of the "Ambulance chasing" mitigation company. They work very much the same way, the attorney shows up at the hospital (You have probably seen this in a movie) and they ask the victim if they have a lawyer, and not to talk to anyone without them present. The real aggressive ones get them to sign a contract right then promising a huge cash reward. Unfortunately the movies are made in Hollywood, for Hollywood and the truth is very few cases that are tried for injury end up in large cash settlements and the real winners are the lawyers.

They are able to bill for time, and receive thirty to forty percent of the judgement. If the victim was due $100,000 after fees and commission this is maybe $52,000 and it could be a couple years before this money is paid out. When we stop and think about it, couldn't the victim have taken their time and received the medical care they needed first, maybe asked a friend or relative for a referral to an attorney that would definitely have their best interest at heart, and pretty much had the same result. It may even be better as the referred attorney will most likely try and make things better and more beneficial for the victim.

This is equally true for disaster restoration, someone or a company showing up right behind the fire trucks because they heard it on a scanner that they listen to so they can "Prey" on your trauma, is even worse. In the accident scenario that is a single victim, a car that can be replaced and the family is shaken up of course but they can come visit and bring flowers and gifts and when appropriate bring the person "Home" back to the safe place.

The fire chaser "Ambulance chasers" of disaster restoration are pretending to care, and arriving at the crux of confusion and using reprehensible tactics to try and sway families to make rash decisions. It is not who shows up first that cares the most, it is who cares the most that truly does. This will be a company that was referred by a friend or relative, found online by the family struggling with such a disaster, or even through the insurance carrier that have long standing relationships with quality contractors. Do not fall victim to an "Ambulance chasing" disaster restoration company, or individual; they care about how much money they can make and not about what you are going through.

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