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Bathroom remodeling trends of 2021

If you’re planning to do a bathroom remodel for you or a home sale, Knowing the current 2021 trends will help make it a success. Below are a few ideas for you to consider before you get started on your bathroom remodeling journey.

Open floor plans are in again (Did they ever really go out)

People (Including you) love open living rooms and kitchens have been popular for some time now, but the did you know the latest trend is to bring this concept into the bathroom? It brings the same feel of more space and a overall larger room.

There are several good ways to implement the open floor plan remodel in your bathroom. Smaller bathrooms (such as a guest or spare bathrooms) you might try a space-saving tub that can be placed under a window or in a corner. Then go with a stand up glassed-in shower, which will dramatically open up the space. You might also consider removing your tub completely, and just opting for the glass shower.

If you’re remodeling a master bathroom, you may consider a wet room. A open shower style with a slightly sloped floor to allow the water to drain off. People usually opt for floor-to-ceiling tile and an open shower. This makes for a clean modern design, while serving proper functionality of the master bathroom.

Another good way to achieve an open floor plan with your master bathroom remodel is to install a floating vanity. This option saves even more space and puts focus on the walls and floors of your bathroom, making the space feel open and inviting. When painting consider that warm colors and materials are the most popular right now.

Think rustic cabinets or shelves, greenery, and warm colored walls. Even the modern bathroom remodel could benefit from a cozy touch. People are seeking to make bathrooms a more inviting oasis, so warm paint colors and designs are heavily trending.

You can achieve a warm look with your bathroom remodel by simply repainting the walls, adding warm colored accent tiles or patterns, and a good practice is adding some house-friendly plants.

If you are getting serious about this trendy remodel you would want to also change the flooring in your bathroom. Wood-look tiles, laminate vinyl plank and wall paneling that cozy feeling, while keeping a modern design are all in trend.

Everyone loves a good at-home spa

Designing the bathroom around the concept of an at-home spa is becoming increasingly popular in 2021, particularly for the master bathroom. Read on for several ways you can achieve a more spa like atmosphere.

Jacuzzi tubs of course are one the most popular upgrades. Who doesn’t love a good back massage while soaking in warm water and bubbles? A jacuzzi tub is expensive, but one that always pays off!

Prominent vanity area with seating is another good way to create the at-home spa feel. This gives you a place to sit back, relax, and put on a soothing facemask or lotion; also a great option for those who spend a lot of time in the bathroom doing hair, makeup, or nails.

A simple cost-effective way to create a spa like atmosphere in the bathroom is to simply add some spa essentials. Things like incense, scented lotions and candles, or flowers and greenery.

Design your dream bathroom with Tersuli Construction Services

Trends are the social norm of good taste. If you’re working on a bathroom remodel in 2021, it should reflect your tastes, while considering what others would enjoy about the space should you sell. The team at Tersuli Construction Services will help you achieve the bathroom remodel of your dreams!

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