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Our Story

Building a stronger future

Tersuli construction Services was founded in 2011 with a single focus. 


The mantra that drives us to provide the best possible service and highest quality final product. 

Our Story

From the outset, Tersuli Construction has focused on the end user while providing excellent communication, top quality finishes within budget, and timely project completions. We have worked with all insurance carriers, municipalities, investor groups, and more for over a decade and we are just getting stronger. We believe it is important to both care about the needs and rights of the end user and to also properly communicate and negotiate with the paying party, whether that be the insurance carrier or the home owner. Tersuli Construction Services has been successfully executing this process from start to finish for over a decade assisting thousands of clients building back premier quality, and built to last structures. Our focus will never change and our pursuit to be the very best in our industry with each new project is why we stand behind our statement,

"Built to Last" 


We truly hope that you do not have to suffer through a devastating disaster, but if you do we will be here as a trusted guide to build back your piece of mind.  




Solution focused - 1st and foremost

Honesty - In all dealings

Quality - The only option

Accountability - We stand by our service

Culture - Everyone together achieving success



"Honest, quality work and service with unmatched communication, and a team always within reach."

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